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Jeio Savoir Faire Tipicamente Italiano

The distinctly Italian know-how of Desiderio Bisol meets cosmopolitan spontaneity and informality.

The power of love

Jeio Prosecco Superiore is the product of two, intertwining love stories: the love of the Bisol family for the vineyards they have tended so attentively, without fail, for generations, and the love of Giovanna Bisol for her husband Desiderio, whom she affectionately nicknamed "Jeio".

Almost inevitably, from this unique union came a Prosecco Superiore that is impossible not to love.

Jeio Anima Giovane

The youthful soul of a family of long traditions

Jeio Prosecco, at heart, marries the Italian way of life to an altogether more informal, carefree, cosmopolitan outlook. After all, from Tokyo to New York, special occasions are even more special with a bottle of Prosecco!