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Lunelli Group

Italian excellence,
in a glass

The eternal pursuit of quality and elegance, and an indelible bond with the areas from which they come. These are the values that underpin all of the brands chosen by the Lunelli family to associate with their Ferrari label, giving rise to the Lunelli Group, a name that has become synonymous around the world for the quality of Italian beverages.

Gruppo Lunelli Visione Condivisa

A common vision

Bisol is part of the Lunelli Group, which takes its name from the family that launched the Cantine Ferrari winery in 1952. In the 1980s, the family began to bring on board, alongside the Ferrari label, other producers that shared their core values - outstanding quality and refinement, and an enduring bond with their respective areas of origin - creating a Group that, today, represents the ultimate in quality beverages.

Alongside the Ferrari label and Bisol Prosecco Superiore, the Lunelli Group includes: Surgiva - a light, exclusive mineral water; the historic grappa brand Segnana; the Lunelli collection of wines from Trento, Tuscany, and Umbria; the Umbrian wines of the Tenuta Castelbuono winery; and the Tuscan wines of the Tenuta Podernovo winery.