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Jeio Stile

Jeio: a range of wines crafted by a remarkable winegrower which, with joy in its work, manages both to evoke the same delight in the drinker, and to capture in every bottle the soul of varied, yet complementary, terroirs.

Discover Jeio's style

Jeio Le Nostre Bolle

Our sparkling wines

The art of pure pleasure, special moments savouring the product of generations of work, the fruit of an extraordinary wine region.

Our wines

Jeio Nella Culla Del Prosecco

From the heart
of Prosecco country

From the steep, rocky, vineyard-strewn hills of Valdobbiadene, still tenaciously and lovingly tended by hand, we bring you our Prosecco Superiore.

The terroir

Jeio Nella Culla Del Prosecco Aux