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Bisol Un Territorio Speciale

A magical terroir

The Conegliano Valdobbiadene region is the spiritual homeland of Prosecco Superiore wine. A landscape whose generosity is only matched by the difficulty of tending its rocky slopes: vineyards cling to precipitous hillsides, meaning that - even with today’s technology - each phase of cultivation and harvesting has to be carried out exclusively by hand. Unsurprisingly this approach has come to be known as "heroic viticulture".

Bisol Posizione Tra Mare E Prealpi

A perfect balance

The privileged position of these hills, nestling between the Adriatic Sea and the Dolomites, ensures a unique combination of microclimatic conditions, with constant breezes and an ideal temperature range and levels of sun. It is here, on these steep slopes, that the Glera grape is most at home, which in turn means a harvest and a final product that is recognised the world over for its quality.

Bisol Posizione Tra Mare E Prealpi Aux
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The qualities of
a unique terroir

The area’s ancient soils can vary, in terms of composition, even at a distance of just a few kilometres. This helps determine the qualities of the Prosecco Superiore wines produced here.

Cartizze Territorio Wide


The Cartizze hillside, with its friable soil covering a layer of rocky terrain, lends a notable acidity to the grape, which is balanced by the natural sugars drawn out and preserved by the manual methods of cultivation.

The terroir

Relio Territorio Wide


The cool soil lends the grapes an unmistakeable acidity which, combined with a pronounced minerality, make this Prosecco Superiore a masterpiece of balance and freshness.

The terroir

Crede Territorio Wide


The clay-rich soil traps water close to the roots of the vine, ensuring that they are never short of water. This allows the grapes to develop a rich, fine-grained acidity and delicate, floral notes.

The terroir

Molera Territorio Wide


Distinctively produced with grapes grown in shallower soils, bringing the roots of the vines into greater contact with the thin layers of ancient limestone rock that characterise these hillsides. This in turn lends the grapes a range of delicate mineral notes and fresh suggestions of fruit.

The terroir

Delfol Territorio Wide

Rive di Campea Millesimato 2018

This is a vineyard with very varied terrain, whose vines grow at some of the highest altitudes in the Denomination and where cultivation and the harvest are carried out in the extreme conditions of heroic viticulture. This Millesimato (“Vintage Wine”) comes from predominantly limestone soil, in one of the coolest areas of the Denomination. This gives rise to a Prosecco Superiore that expresses all the intrinsic quality of these hills.

The Glera grapes from the 2018 vintage, picked in our Campea vineyard, display a delicate balance between fragrance and minerality.

The terroir

Bisol 600 Ore

Cultivated by hand

The Valdobbiadene hills are testament to the close relationship between the land and its inhabitants. It is a partnership in which each party has helped shape the other. On one side are the growers, who have reshaped the landscape, almost exaggerating its natural forms; on the other, the precipitous slopes demand a form of cultivation and harvest based entirely on manual methods, an approach that has come to be known in Italy as "heroic viticulture". Even today, the growers have to invest up to a thousand hours to cultivate each hectare of vines, ten times as much as is needed with the mechanised methods used on the plains.

Bisol 600 Ore Aux
Bisol Uomo E Paesaggio

In the heartland of
Prosecco Superiore

The "DOCG Conegliano Valdobbiadene" designated territory is the original home of Prosecco Superiore, and the area most closely associated with its production over the centuries. It includes fifteen hillside and hilltop municipalities, all within the historic "March of Treviso". Within this area, the most sought after terrain, in terms of the quality of the grapes it produces, is that of the "Cartizze", a hill bearing just 107 hectares of vineyard owned by 140 families, the Bisol family having been one of them since 1542.

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Bisol Colline Valdobbiadene
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