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Bisol Sogno

To create the purest incarnation of Prosecco Superiore: this is the dream behind the Bisol range of wines. And behind the dream? The steep hills of Valdobbiadene.

Our story

A "Superiore" heritage

Centuries of culture and knowledge, preserved in written traces for future generations, give birth to a collection of DOCG-certified Prosecco Superiore wines.

Our wines

Bisol Varieta Senza Compromessi

Variation without compromise

Choose the most challenging terrain to plant your vines, where harvesting the grapes really is a heroic endeavour, and keep the harvest from each vineyard separate to emphasise the subtle variations that the Glera grape takes on depending on the conditions in each plot of land.

The terroir

Bisol Dedizione Passione Tenacia
Bisol Cognome Generazioni Aux

Bisol: one family name, many generations

Dedication, passion, tenacity, and loyalty to a landscape that is as generous as it is difficult to cultivate: these are the founding principles of a true story that began centuries ago in Santo Stefano di Valdobbiadene where the historic winery still stands.

Our story

A hidden treasure

Like a natural cave carved into the precious, rocky landscape of the Prosecco Superiore heartland, the cellars of the Bisol winery preserve the family’s treasures.

The winery